October Retreat

Hello Fellow Iconographers:

Fall has been warmish here in the Hudson valley, with the result that color on the trees has stayed with us a good long while.  If it didn’t signal winter, I would love it :).

The Introduction to Icon Writing Retreat at Saint James Church on Madison ave in NYC was a joy – such great people, eager to learn more. I hope we all meet again soon. Don’t forget to practice drawing and tracing the Icons before the Renaissance period. Your skills will improve dramatically by our next class if you do!


The weekly Icon Writing class in Albany now meets at Westminster  Presbyterian Church, 262 State Street, Albany. The class meets Mondays, 6-9PM. Email if you’d like to attend. For most of 2015 we have been working from Aidan Hart’s book “Techniques of Icon and Wall painting”. We have also been working a lot on color theory, particularly theory from the early Greeks as well s the Old masters as it pertains to Iconography.  For 2016 we will focus on drawing, with an emphasis on regular drawing practice and learning more concretely the principles of sacred geometry and inverse perspective. Most of the people in the class are advanced and are working on their own Icons all the while learning to apply these ancient concepts in greater detail as they go along. It’s a stimulating and interesting class. We also pray at two regular intervals as well as privately while working. Such a joy to be in that atmosphere!   photophoto

The St. Luke’s Guild of Iconographers (that class is included in the Guild) has applied for an exhibition at Siena College, and is working on a traveling exhibition of our Icons for 2016. We believe in “the joy of spreading Icons throughout the world”!   _MG_3437

Here are some useful links for new Iconographers:

Materials:  Natural Pigments, Dick Blick    Icon Boards: Pandora Icon Boards, St. Johns Icon Boards

Recommended Icon books visit my website for a list.

A short video showing the steps of writing an icon that I found on youtube.

Please keep us in your prayers, as you are in ours,







Cold, Snow, and St. Patrick competition!

Hello from the frozen North!

Sitting out another snowstorm, I’m reading the life of Francis of Assisi. One of the nicest things about writing Icons is studying the Saints and their livesphoto 6, trying to understand the qualities they had that caused them to shine God’s light to those around them.

One of the most lovable traits Francis had was his love for all creation, because all creatures are a gift from God. He preached to the birds, he loved animals, but he did not like ants! He felt they worked too hard and their endless activity was a sign of greed.  Hmmmmm. 🙂

We’ve been praying the St. Francis prayer in my Icon classes and workshops, increasing our prayers for world peace. Another nice thing about writing Icons in small groups is praying together and growing closer to each other as a result.

My intention for this Art/Icon blog is to share the work I’m doing, and the work of my students and other Iconographers as well as serving as a resource of useful and interesting art/Icon links.  I do want to say that the Icon Writing Retreat at Saint James’ Church in NYC was so beautiful. What a beautiful church and such great people – I miss them already!

So, here are some good links to view:SL-34-2014-2-2-204

Metropolitan Museum of Art: Winchester Bible- beautiful medieval Bible only on view until March 8.

Modern Orthodox Icon Painting-a website from Russia with lots of good info.

Aidan Hart Newsletter: Great Britain Iconographer

Natural Pigments: An excellent source of Iconography supplies

Art/21 newsletter: Interesting contemporary art news.

Museum of Contemporary Religious Art -where we need to have an Icon exhibit!

Iconographer Veronica Royal is offering an Icon Writing Workshop in the VA area June 22-27. Contact her for  more details: veronicaroyal@cox.net

Some my Icons are currently on display at Saint Vincent’s Church in Albany, Saint Gregory’s Episcopal Church in Woodstock, and Elijah Slocum in Hudson New York. I will have a painting in an exhibition in Hudson at the CCCA gallery and several more at the Red Raven Gallery in Lancaster, PA, and Beauregard Fine Art in Rumson NJ.st patrick

Who was Saint Patrick? What was the compelling spiritual essence of his story in ancient Ireland? How does he matter to you in your spiritual life?  The winning comment will receive one of my new Icon pendants that sell for $20.00,  as a reward! Email me by March 15 with your answers!

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Have a blessed month and I’ll write again when there’s more news!

Blessings and love,