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American Association of Iconographers

American Association of Iconographers

Mission Statement

  • We are a community of artists and artisans who are committed to making art that is reflective of a deep spirituality and faith in God.
  • We do this primarily through the practice of writing icons.
  • We engage in prayer as an important part of our prayer practice.
  • We see icon writing as a way of bringing God to our communities and churches.
  • We are an ecumenical group of people, honoring all denominations of Christianity equally, understanding that each one adds value to the world of iconography.
  • Our purpose is to offer a forum for the exchange of ideas and icons.
  • We hope to bridge the gap between twenty-first century contemporary culture and Christian Spirituality.
  • We believe the importance of spreading the joy of icon writing throughout the world.

We have two levels of membership:

  • Apprentice: for those who are new to iconography
  • Artisan: for those who are more experienced in art and iconography

There are no dues or fees, but in order to be listed as an artisan member, a reciprocal link to the artisan’s icon website is required.  Email Christine for more information.

As time goes on, I hope to gather resources that will greatly aid the development of an American Community of Iconographers in close association with the international developments in Iconography.

Please share your ideas and suggestions- and happy Icon writing!



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4 thoughts on “American Association of Iconographers”

    1. Dear Bess: Yes, we are open to Iconographers, but the list is not publicly available. If you would like to be on it, let me know. We are still in process of formation and welcome other Iconographers who wish to be in community.

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