October Retreat

Hello Fellow Iconographers:

Fall has been warmish here in the Hudson valley, with the result that color on the trees has stayed with us a good long while.  If it didn’t signal winter, I would love it :).

The Introduction to Icon Writing Retreat at Saint James Church on Madison ave in NYC was a joy – such great people, eager to learn more. I hope we all meet again soon. Don’t forget to practice drawing and tracing the Icons before the Renaissance period. Your skills will improve dramatically by our next class if you do!


The weekly Icon Writing class in Albany now meets at Westminster  Presbyterian Church, 262 State Street, Albany. The class meets Mondays, 6-9PM. Email if you’d like to attend. For most of 2015 we have been working from Aidan Hart’s book “Techniques of Icon and Wall painting”. We have also been working a lot on color theory, particularly theory from the early Greeks as well s the Old masters as it pertains to Iconography.  For 2016 we will focus on drawing, with an emphasis on regular drawing practice and learning more concretely the principles of sacred geometry and inverse perspective. Most of the people in the class are advanced and are working on their own Icons all the while learning to apply these ancient concepts in greater detail as they go along. It’s a stimulating and interesting class. We also pray at two regular intervals as well as privately while working. Such a joy to be in that atmosphere!   photophoto

The St. Luke’s Guild of Iconographers (that class is included in the Guild) has applied for an exhibition at Siena College, and is working on a traveling exhibition of our Icons for 2016. We believe in “the joy of spreading Icons throughout the world”!   _MG_3437

Here are some useful links for new Iconographers:

Materials:  Natural Pigments, Dick Blick    Icon Boards: Pandora Icon Boards, St. Johns Icon Boards

Recommended Icon books visit my website for a list.

A short video showing the steps of writing an icon that I found on youtube.

Please keep us in your prayers, as you are in ours,







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Michael- Mick-Hales is a chaplain in South West Florida as well as a world class photographer. His photography website is: mickhales.com where you will see many of his beautiful photos of gardens and architecture.

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