Healing Icon Retreat in Saratoga

Dear Friends:dash

Getting ready to enjoy this beautiful summer – and paint as much as possible! The opening for my exhibition at Beauregard Fine Arts in Rumson, NJ will be on July 31, 5-8PM. Hope to see some of you there!  Eachmorning18x18%22

Saw two films lately I recommend: the first is an exquisite animation called “The Secret of Kells”. On Hulu plus. It’s a beautiful story about the importance of sacred artwork – the Book of Kells in this instance.  The other is Paul Simon’s “Graceland” documentary about the making of that album, the tour, and running into apartheid in South Africa.  A beautiful story of an artists’ creativity and struggle to deal with political conflict. Both are inspiring!

From the Iconographic viewpoint, I have a blog post to recommend: Orthodox Arts Journal’s recent post contains an interview with Athens based Iconographer George Kordis, who wrote the book:”Icon as Communion” which we use in our ion writing class in albany. Here the link:  The Art of Icon Painting in a Postmodern World: Interview with George Kordis.

This summer an Icon writing class is beginning at the Cathedral of All Saints in Albany on most Thursday evenings 6-9PM starting July 10. Email me to learn more.

Also happy to announce I’ll be teaching a Healing Icon Writing Retreat in Saratoga, Sept.6 & 7.  We will write the IArchangel-Rafaelcon of Archangel Raphael in the Italian style of iconography – using egg tempera and gold leaf gilding, as always.  This is in preparation for our Art/Icon Culture Trip to Italy 2015.

More information on current classes can be found on www.iconwritingclasses.com

Until next time, I bless you with favor in restoring and rebuilding the community around you, and inspiration to be the wings for your art.

Christine Simoneau Hales

www.christinehales.com      www.newchristianicons.com



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Michael Hales

Michael- Mick-Hales is a chaplain in South West Florida as well as a world class photographer. His photography website is: mickhales.com where you will see many of his beautiful photos of gardens and architecture.

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