Woodstock and Frieze!

Dear Artists and Iconographers:

This past month I gave three talks in Woodstock – two at Saint Gregory’s Episcopal Church in honor of the Icon exhibition Hatti Iles curated, and one at WAAM- Woodstock Artists Association Museum.

The talk at WAAM was about thinking of Icons and modern art.  Understanding and being able to create  a twenty first century Icon is certainly the task of contemporary iconographers today.  “The purpose of art is nothing less than the upliftment of the human spirit.” Pope John Paul II


Excerpt from my Woodstock talk:

From the moment that Matisse arrived in Russia in 1911 he became excited and overwhelmed by the beauty and artistic excellence of the icons he saw everywhere.  “In these icons the soul of the artist who painted them opens out like a mystical flower.  And from them we ought to learn how to understand art” Matisse.  “The father of the European Avant -garde discovered (in icons) everything modern art had been strenuously seeking – color applied locally, linear composition, expressive silhouettes, two dimensionality, and image as sign.” Irina Yazykova.

So pursuing the connection between iconography and art making in the 21st Century is an ongoing exploration! Hope you join with me as it progresses!

photo 1

So, visiting the Art Fairs in NYC last weekend was a highpoint for me – so many creative ideas and people from all over the world.

photo 2

I saw the Whitney Biennial, too.  I had heard there was more “painting” in this year’s show, and there was. But not enough!  It’s good news,though, that painting is making a come back in the contemporary art world.


The summer schedule for Icon class in Albany is: We DO HAVE class on: June 2, 9, 23And July 7,14,28, and August 4 and 11.

No Icon Class in Albany Memorial Day!photo copy 11

Sunday, May 25 at Christian Community Church, 10 Green River Lane, Hillsdale, NY Blessing of the Icons written by the Philmont Iconography class of Free Columbia Art School. 10:30 Am Service, 12:00 Icon Blessing

WOODSTOCK ICON WRITING CLASS ON SABBATICAL! Email your interest in the next one starting up in the fall.


The Jubilee Museum in Ohio is mounting an exhibition, Deadline August 29 for submission, with a call to artists:  http://www.jubileemuseum.org/forms/SacredArtBiennial.pdf

That’s all for now: Until next month, I bless you with greater understanding and larger perspective than most people have, that you may enjoy His peace, and know that God holds the ultimate perspective.

Blessings,         popefrancisweb


www.christinehales.com      www.iconwritingclasses.com,   www.newchristianicons.com



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