February Inspiration

Icon Exhibition In Troy at the Arts CenterIt takes a lot of inspiration to make it through all these snow storms!! On the right I am standing in front of my “Baptism of Jesus” icon currently on view at the Arts Center of the Capital Region in Troy, NY.Christ the Healer2civa

There is an interesting exhibition at the museum of Russian icons this month “The Symbolism of Color”.  Here’s the link: Russian Icon Museum.  I plan to visit February 27th.

On the left here is my original “Christ the Healer” Icon which was commissioned for Father Nigel Mumford.  The seven scenes around Christ are seven stories of Christ healing – each one is repeated in at least three of the Gospels.  This tile of icon is called a “Vitae” icon because it has scenes from the life of the saint, who is in this case, Jesus Christ.

In my studio this month I’m exploring a few contemporary “Memorial Portraits” . I’ve been reading biographies of Nelson Mandela all winter ( a very good one is: “Mandela” by Anthony Sampson)  and find such a wealth of inspiration in how he lived his life. He was far from a perfect person, often making mistakes, but he had such an ability to have deep enduring, mentoring relationships in his life.photo copy 8  He also mentored many of the young revolutionaries while in prison. So Mandela’s need for and value of relationship  helped to keep him on track in a constantly changing political world. His faith, too, in the victory of his cause for freedom for all people helped him overcome so many hardships. He kept his focus on that goal and befriended many people who were his oppressors so that his goal could be accomplished.     Here’s a preview of my “Nelson” memorial portrait – almost finished!

News: I have a page on Saatchi Online Gallery for my landscapes; Click here to view it.  Also a page on Artspan: Click here.

I will leave you with three ideas on what to do if you’re an artist who is snowed in for the fourteenth time this winter:   1. Order art supplies from Dick Blick – check out the minimum for free delivery and check their websites for the discount of the day. (click the red “save now” button at the top of the page and see what you can get!)   2.  Take an online class from Skill Share.  I’m taking pencil portraits for this snow storm and it’s fun! There’s a $10 discount for each of us if I refer a friend so let me know if you want to try that. 3. Spend an extra 3 hours in your studio – you’ll be glad you did!!

Cheers, everyone!  Looking forward to your comments!




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Michael- Mick-Hales is a chaplain in South West Florida as well as a world class photographer. His photography website is: mickhales.com where you will see many of his beautiful photos of gardens and architecture.

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